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  • Laminated Low-E Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass
  • Laminated Low-E Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass
  • Laminated Low-E Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass
  • Laminated Low-E Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass

Laminated Low-E Tempered Vacuum Insulated Glass

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    Processed Glass/Insulated Glass

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    ooden Crates Worthy for Ocean and Land Carriage

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    clear,blue,green,grey,bronze,black,pink,white,red,yellow etc.

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3mm,4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm etc.


3300*1900/2134/2250/2440mm, 3660*1900/2134/2250/2440mm etc.

Glass Description

a) It is one of coated glass that has higher reflection to the sunlight, wavelength from 2.5um to 25um and is also called Low-E coated glass. And it is divided into two series of colorless transparence and colored Low-E coated glass. Used in middle and high latitudes, colorless transparence glass transmittance is higher than 70%. It can stop heat energy indoor from scattering to raise temperature indoors. Used in low latitudes, colored glass also called Sun-E glass, can sunshade to a certain degree at the time of preventing energy from out.

b) Low-E Glass refers to a series of high-performance, low-emissivity products manufactured by Rider Glass introducing stare-of-the-art vacuum sputtering coating equipment.

c) The vacuum sputtering process coats glass surfaces with several layers of different materials. Among these, a silver layers effectively reflects infrared rays while maintaining excellent thermal performance. Beneath the silver layer is an anti-reflective tin oxide (Sio2) base layer that increases the transparency of the glass. Above the silver layer is an isolating nickel-chromium (NiCr) alloy coating. The main function of the top anti-reflective tin oxide (Sno2) layer is to protect the other coating layers. This product offers the high transparency, low reflectivity, and good thermal insulating and energy-saving properties required of modern architectural glass and green building design.

d) It has good spectrum selectivity, could take over the near infrared ray and visible light from sun, could block off quite a few infrared ray going indoors. It not only keeps the light brightness indoors, and also decreases the heat load indoors. It has the advantages of saving energy, environment protection, comfortable living and blocking the UV radiation etc.


a) Approaches the natural color glass

b) Highly transparent to visible light (wavelength 380nm-780nm); will not produce significant glare problems caused by high reflectance of visible light

c) Allows most sunlight in the visible range to center without altering its natural color provides excellent natural illumination and saves energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

d) Reflectively high reflectance of infrared radiation (wavelength780nm-3000nm). In particular, reflects nearly all long-wave infrared (wavelength greater than 3000nm). Blocks the entrance of large amounts of heart, and leaves interior comfortably cool in summer and warm in winter.


Rider Glass advantage

We manufacture a wide range of glass to meet your different demands: Clear Float glass, Tinted glass, Stained glass, Laminated glass, Mirror glass, Aluminum mirror, Silver mirror, Reflective glass, Online coated glass, Patterned glass, Figured glass, Wired glass, Colored glass, Tempered glass, Toughened glass, Safety glass, Shower doors glass, Emulsificated glass, Acid-etched glass, Obscure glass, Sandblasted glass, Solar glass, Ultra clear low iron glass, Low-E glass, Obscure glass, Glass block, Glass brick, Picture frame in different colors and sizes.



Q:How to get a quotation?

A: We need to get specific details, such as color, thickness, size, quantity, edge,etc.

Q: Can you do the production as customized?
A: Yes, we have a professional technique team, we could produce the glass depends on your requirements.
Q.  What the your glass package ? Are they safe ?
A : Wooden Crates Worthy for Ocean and Land Carriage 
.The crates will be very strong and every loading worker has 30 years packed, loading and  fixation crates with container experience. And we send the loading pictures for you after we loading . 
Q. What is your payment term ?
 : Our payment term is T/T 30% in advance ,70% after get the copy of B/L .
You can payment By T/T, L/C at sight.


Q. What is your minimum order quantity?

A :Our MOQ is one full 20 feet container.

Products of different sizes and specifications could be mixed in one container.


Q. What kind of glass do you have?
A :Float glass, Sheet glass, Tinted glass, Reflective glass, Silver mirror, Aluminium mirror,Laminated glass,Tempered glass,Low-E glass,Acid etched glass, Solar glass,Louver glass, Online coated glass, Figured glass, Safety glass, Glass block in different colors and sizes.

Q. Can you supply a free samples ?
 Yes, if you want us to provide big size sample according to your requirements, you should pay the cost of production.



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